The Association of ERC Grantees is a project in continuous development. In addition to our ongoing Science & Society Seminar Series, we envision a number of recurring activities, including the following:

Widening participation sessions

Scientific excellence may be found anywhere, but it is vitally important that all researchers have an equal and fair chance to compete for funding.  Many ERC grantees will want to pay forward the support they have had themselves, by suggesting advice and guidance to those thinking of applying to ERC, but who may lack advice or support from their own institution, national hubs, or other sources.


Developing and sustaining a scientific career can be hard.  What are the key challenges you are facing in your research career at the moment? The members of AERG have a wide range of skills and experiences, which can be of benefit to other members.  A programme of occasional mentoring can help grantees to get the most from the opportunity of an ERC grant, for their own career development, and for their contribution to European science.

Networking events

How do research and science work all over Europe?  What are the challenges facing researchers in your environment?  What is the best practice in research that you have encountered, or initiated, and that you think researchers in other countries may be interested to hear about?  How can AERG become the 'mind-bank for Europe'? AERG is one of the few fora that brings together international researchers based on a common interest as grantees.  Informal networking events will spread ideas and understanding about the systems and processes that support science across the ERC area, seeding ideas that will have useful application all over the place. In September 2023, AERG organized its inaugural physical event at the Italian Institute for Technology.

Special Interest Groups

We are pleased to offer discussion forums concerning different issues of import to ERC Grantees. Please check our Special Interest Groups page to find out more about which groups are currently running. Feel free to propose new groups!


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