The terms and conditions associated with membership in The Association of ERC Grantees



Members of the Association of ERC Grantees (AERG) accept the statutes of the Association.

The AERG recognizes two categories of members: Full members and Honorary Members. 

Full members are individuals who must be past recipients or current holders of a grant awarded by the European Research Council.

Honorary members are nominated by the General Assembly of the AERG in recognition of their support to the Association. Honorary members may be individuals or institutions.

Full members pay a membership fee annually. The membership is valid for one year after registration and renews automatically unless canceled by the member. 

Members may cancel their membership at any time by sending an email to AERG does not refund the membership fee in the case of cancellation. 

Only full members who have paid their annual fee have voting rights in the General Assembly.

By accepting AERG’s General Terms and Conditions, members also accept to receive occasional communications from the Association through email. Members may opt out of such communications either by clicking on the 'unsubscribe' link contained in each message, or by contacting the AERG office by sending a message to

Your personal data are protected under Belgian law, as described in AERG’s privacy policy.

AERG shall not be held responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance, in whole or in part, due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond AERG’s control.

For questions or specific concerns about membership terms and conditions, please contact AERG’s office by sending a message to


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