Science and Society Webinar Series

Science and Society Series


The Association of ERC Grantees (AERG) aims to defend excellent bottom-up fundamental research in Europe, to facilitate networking amongst ERC grantees, and to engage the public around the importance of scientific research for society.

In this light, we are organizing a series of online seminars ("webinars") geared towards highlighting, through personal stories and science, the role of fundamental research for a better society and for a better world.

Science & Society webinars are organized quarterly and will successively visit the three core domains of Science: Life Sciences, Social Sciences & Humanities, and Physical Sciences and Engineering. A fourth yearly seminar will directly address issues of relevance to the role that fundamental research plays in society.

Participation in our webinars is free but registration is required. The seminars are recorded are remain available for later viewing.

In this way, we hope to contribute to fostering debate about the crucial importance of fundamental research for our knowledge-based societies.

Previous Seminars: 

Science & Society Seminar #7 with Reinhilde Veugelers and Andreu Mas-Colell

Science & Society Seminar #6 with Jocelyne Bloch and Grégoire Courtine

Science & Society Seminar #5 with Barbara Mazzolai


Science & Society Seminar #4 with Ben L. Feringa


Science & Society Seminar #3 with May-Britt Moser


Science & Society Seminar #2 with Jean-Pierre Bourguignon


Science & Society Seminar #1 with Uğur Şahin


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