The Association of ERC Grantees is directed by an elected board of 15 members.

The Association of ERC Grantees functions as an International non-profit organization under Belgian law. Its legal seat is at the Université libre de Bruxelles. It is governed by a General Assembly composed of its effective members (past and current ERC Grantees) and administered by an elected board of 15 members composed in such a way as to ensure the most equitable representation of gender, scientific disciplines, geographical origin, and ERC grant types. 

Board Members:


Axel Cleeremans — AdG — SSH — BE (President)

Psychology — Université Libre de Bruxelles 


Karin Roelofs — CoG — SSH — NL (Vice-President)

Affective neurosciences — Radboud University


Patrick Haggard — AdG — SSH — UK (Secretary)

Neuroscience — University College London


Eva Kassens-Noor — CoG— SH — DE (Treasurer)

Civil and Environmental Engineer — TU Darmstadt


Simon Fillatreau — CoG — LS — FR (Science & Society Seminar Series)

Immunology — INSERM


Liane G Benning — SyG — PE— DE 

Interface Geochemistry —  German Research Centre for Geosciences, GFZ


Silke Buehler-Paschen — AdG — PSE — AT

Physics — TU Wien


Janusz Bujnicki — StG — LS — PL

Molecular & Cell Biology — IIMCB Warsaw


Pierangelo Metrangolo  — CoG— PE — IT

Chemistry — Politecnico di Milano 


Emma Motrico — StG — SH— ES

Psychology — University of Seville


Liuba Papeo— StG — SH — FR

Neuroscience  — CNRS


Philippe Schlenker  — AdG,StG— SH— FR

Linguistics and Philosophy — CNRS


Toma Susi — StG — PE   AT

Physics  University of Vienna


Anna Wredenberg — StG — LS — SE

Molecular Metabolism — Karolinska Institute 


Agnieszka Wykowska — StG — SSH — IT

Social Cognition / Robotics — Insitituto Italiano di Tecnologia 

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