Welcome to our new initiative, where we invite you, our valued members, to actively participate in shaping the future of our association and the broader scientific community. We believe that by coming together and engaging in meaningful conversations, we can address the most pressing issues that are relevant to you and collectively develop policies and best practices that will drive positive change.

At the AERG, we recognize the incredible strength and potential of our community. We firmly believe in the power of open dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing. Through our Special Interests Groups, we aim to create a platform where we can talk, learn, and foster innovative ideas across all domains of scientific research.

We are excited to launch this initiative and announce three premier discussion groups:

Tuesday, 31 October 16:00 CET, online

Tuesday, 21 November 16:00 CET, online

Moderated by Silke Buehler-Paschen and Konstantina Kilteni

Tuesday, 17 October 16:00 CET, online 

Moderated by Toma Susi

Tuesday, 24 October, 16:00 CET, online

Tuesday, 7 November, 16:00 CET, online

Tuesday, 28 November, 16:00 CET, online

Moderated by Patrick Haggard

Please note that this initiative is exclusively available to AERG members. More details regarding the registration process are provided to the members.

We encourage you to join us today to seize the full benefits of this opportunity.

For more information, please get in touch: contact@aerg.eu.


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