11 March 2022

The Association of ERC Grantees (AERG), representing the 10K-strong community of grantees of the European Research Council, strongly condemns the war against Ukraine carried out by the Army of the Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin, and stands in solidarity with the scientists and scholars in Ukraine and with the Ukrainian people.

The AERG is committed to supporting Ukrainian scientists currently in Ukraine or who have fled the country through its networks and to helping them maintain their professional activities. It joins the position taken by most universities, scientific institutions, and academies in Europe to cease any institutional cooperation with partners funded by the government of the Russian Federation.

Many scientists in the Russian Federation and Russian scientists abroad have expressed their resistance to the war through various means. These courageous acts of resistance deserve to be recognized. The AERG encourages European scientists to maintain peer-to-peer contacts with Russian colleagues who denounce the aggression against Ukraine. These personal contacts will help foster peace.


The board of the Association of ERC Grantees